Current Projects


TechMate Research Project

TechMate is being developed at TU Dublin as a best practice toolkit driving sustainable acceleration towards gender equality in the technology disciplines in Higher Education Intuitions (HEI’s).

Research Lead:
Alina Berry - PhD Candidate - TU Dublin
Dr. Sarah Jane Delany - TU Dublin

Incoming Student Surveys

A gender balance survey is in the works to be distributed to HEIs. The survey will be completed annually to gain an insight into the number of female identifying students enrolling in third level computing courses.

Virtual Summer Camps

A collaboration between 4 HEI's produced virtual summer camps for secondary level student interested in computing. These camps were held across the institutes between June and August of 2021. They were possible with funding from the HEA.
Data was collected regarding the student demographics, as well as their perception and experience of computing.

Research Lead:
Anne Wright - IADT