6th Meeting

INGENIC – Virtual Meet & Share Event

DATE: 22-06-2020

Welcome & Introductions:

The meeting hosts (Caroline Sheedy & Fiona Lawless, DkIT) welcomed everyone to the event and the meeting commenced with attendees introducing themselves and indicating their interest in the group.

This was followed by a number of presentations:

• A Review of ESTeEM from 2017 to the Present. (Leslie Shoemaker, TU Dublin)
Leslie Shoemaker of TUD provided an overview of the ESTeEM mentoring programme – Equality in Science and Technology by Engaged Educational Mentoring – aimed at assisting female engineering and computing students to reflect on and recognise the positive career choice they have made. Additionally, the programme supports students in identifying the opportunities open to them as a result of their chosen area of study and in building confidence in relation to their place in these traditionally male-focused sectors. Leslie invited members who were interested in further information or future workshops to get in touch with her.

• Sense of Belonging Survey. (Catherine Mooney & Brett Becker, UCD)
Catherine Mooney of UCD presented on the background to – and findings of – a Sense of Belonging Survey, recently conducted in UCD by herself and Brett Becker. The survey, which was administered to a cohort of UCD Computer Science students, focused on examining the relationship between student’s participation in Networking, Outreach, and Mentoring activities and their Sense of Belonging. Preliminary results indicate that creating opportunities for student Networking, Mentoring and Outreach may have a positive impact on their Sense of Belonging, which is itself associated with attributes such as motivation and persistence. Catherine invited group members interested in collaborating, by repeating the survey in their own institutions, to get in touch.

• Leaving Cert CS – Rollout. How can INGENIC contribute to this? Monica Ward of DCU gave a brief overview of plans around the rollout of the new Computer Science Subject at Leaving Certificate and invited the group to consider the role it could play in relation to this.

Sharing: A number of the group shared their experiences over the past few months and/or informed the group about future events

• Ruth Lennon, LYIT and Paula Roberts, TCD: spoke on ACM-W encouraged members to get involved/take on roles in an Irish Chapter committee and discussed the womENcourage event.
• Monica Ward, DCU, Online Teaching, and Offline Assessment. Discussion of experiences of BOLD in Covid.
• Keith Quille, TUD. Provided an overview of his recent works.